My FABulous story, by 3DKumo

By November 23, 20163DP, FABulous, Projects, Success stories

We are in the final stage of FABulous. Two amazing years, during which everything happened very fast. We are very proud of all of you: your evolution has been faster and better than we had imagined! We would like to have a recap of these two years, so we have contacted the FABulous startups to get some feedback about their FABulous and FIWARE experience. Today is the turn of… 3DKumo.

3DKUMO is a design, engineering and innovation led start-up, forging disruptive technologies across hardware and software in the 3D arena. 3DKUMO has been evolved from a provider of free 3D cloud storage to an increasingly rounded Signature line of 3D SaaS. The current 3DKUMO offering can be an invaluable asset in the ever evolving world of 3D for e-commerce, enabling a platform for engagement and monetisation that can be seamlessly integrated into a company’s existing online presence.
With the support of FABulous, 3DKumo was able to create a service enabling access to the possible values of 3D tech. The ever growing world of ecommerce sees increasing numbers struggling to stay in business. The availability of high quality software delivered as an easily integrated package helps companies to stay visible in this ever evolving market, meaning, 3DKUMO can provide a service to be proud of.

The FABulous community has proven to be a valuable asset for advancement and development of their product. By being part of the FABulous community 3DKumo has had valuable insights into technical aspects of their product and has had discussions that has been proven vital in the development of their business.

Regarding the FIWARE experience, they say: Our experience with FIWARE has been widely positive, the possibilities of the FIWARE enablers, while differentiating from other systems, provided an excellent selection for the development of our platform. Should we have chosen to work with another technology, we would have had to engage with numerous providers and communities in order to best evolve our business, this would have been a time consuming activity. With the use of FIWARE we were immediately immersed in a substantial, insightful and extremely helpful partnership.

Finally, we have asked 3DKumo about the future of 3D Printing. They believe that within the next five years the world of 3D printing will continue to grow. Being such an interesting and thought provoking technology, an increased amount of investment comes along with it. Fanning the flames in such fascinating sectors as gastronomy, aeronautics and space exploration can only be expected to continue.
3D printing has been hailed as the dawn of the 3rd industrial revolution and the growing existence of home printers, prototyping bureaus and manufacturing companies across the globe will no doubt excite that revolution, bringing with it new and exciting possibilities throughout consumerism. Software in relation to 3D printing increases these possibilities exponentially, the personalisation of products and the increasing ease to create twinned with an exciting and ever increasing range of materials will have implications towards manufactures but also on social and economic level.