About FABulous

During these two years, FABulous has put lot of efforts in creating and supporting a FI service ecosystem for 3D printing technologies, bringing together infrastructures and investors with innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of design, manufacturing, logistic and content-based services. Let see some facts!


We have accelerated 100 startups and entrepreneurs. 10 of them have consolidated their business, 40 have developed a commercial application and the other 60 have launched a web service prototype.


We have provided coach and continuously support to FABulous SMEs and entrepreneurs in their business innovation activities, providing counselling about business modelling, value proposition and project presentation to investors, among other services.


We have participated in 90 fairs, events, conferences and exhibitions, and we have organized 5 own events, stablished as a not-to-be-missed meeting point for the FABulous projects.


We have analyzed experiments performed among ICT SMEs and 3D printing users and created a coherent, comprehensive and generalized set of FABulous 3D printing capabilities.      

“We see together, we discuss, we share, we laugh, we love spending time together…. Lot of things happening in these exchanges” 

Jeremie Brabet-Adonajlo, Founder and CEO at Pzartech.