FABulous selected 25 projects for Service Maturity Level 2 (Phase 2)

By October 19, 2015FABulous

The 3D Printing FABulous Community Meeting held at the end of June gathered the 51 FABulous projects selected under FABulous first Open Call. The 51 projects presented the results of the work they carried out during Service Maturity Level 1 (Phase 1). The FABulous panel of evaluators has selected 25 projects among the 51 to pass to Service Maturity Level 2. These projects, from 14 different countries, started FABulous Phase 2 on the 1st of July which will last for 8 months.

The projects are monitored throughout the runtime of their projects to ensure the continued viability of carrying out their tasks.  Projects succeeding to the second maturity level have managed to develop a service that has a good potential for industrial application. In order to pass to the next level, they have to carry out a successful trial of a business process supported by a sound business model.

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