Desamanera signs an exclusive agency agreement with ChemCognition LLC in USA

By June 10, 2016Success stories

The FABulous startup Desamanera has signed an exclusive agency agreement with ChemCognition LLC in North Carolina to conduct market research and represent their large scale binder jetting concrete 3D printing products and technologies in North America.

The agreement covers 3D printed articles built to customer drawings and specifications, 3D printing production machinery up to 9 X 9 X 9 meters in volume and binder jetting systems for producing 3D printed construction products. It also includes the the new and innovative MarmoLiquidoTM (Liquid marble) finishing system that allows application of marble finishes to the 3D printed articles as well as a variety of other substrates.

Desamanera SRL has developed practical production quality equipment and technologies that allow it to print complex and unique shapes from digital photographs or 3D scans that could not be produced by traditional casting techniques. Desamanera has developed and patented quick setting environmentally friendly binders that provide innovative properties and performance to the objects produced.

Their production equipment is designed to provide personalized, fast and flexible production of products and objects, even allowing simultaneous production of multiple pieces. It easily allows the production of low volume or unique objects for architectural artistic design applications, historical preservation and repairs. 3D Printing provides the means to produce prototypes easily and quickly, with seamless scale up to full scale production. Their unique system minimizes chances of equipment downtime and allows for recycling of unused binder, minimizing waste.