CR3DO spreads the word at TechCrunch Disrupt

By September 16, 20163DP, Events, FABulous, Projects

The hottest Tech startups from around the world are gathering in San Francisco for TechCrunch Disrupt this week. Among them is the Belgian 3D Printing Startup CR3DO. While tech in Silicon Valley is hot, they find the Belgian Tech scene to be on par with their American counterparts.

According to TechCrunch Disrupt their own website they are the world’s leading authority in debuting revolutionary startups who introduce gamechanging technologies. “Having the ability to share our idea at such an event is a great opportunity for us” says Jens Raskin, the CEO of CR3DO.

The startup who wants to lower the bar for 3D printing for small companies will present their idea, network and listen to the high profile tech talks while in San Francisco. Being part of a

Belgian delegation of 8 startups leaded by they’ll also visit other Belgians who own or work at Silicon Valley Tech firms.

One thing they noticed though is that the delegation does not fall out of tone: “Our Belgian delegation is actually pretty strong” says Wouter Vandenneucker from the US. “We really are on par with the local startups. We get remarks for our solid businessmodels and substancial technical innovation.”

It is not the first time CR3DO gets noticed. While not even a year old they already won multiple awards back in their home country including the “Startup of the year award” by TechStartupDay. Although CR3DO is still searching for funding they were able to grow at a rapid pace in part by grants provided by the FABulous program that enables european 3D printing startups to grow faster by providing them solid web enabled tools as well provide them with the funds to actually implement that software and build their own product.