3D Printeo Rebrands to RP Platform

By February 17, 20163DP, FABulous

3D Printeo, software supplier for companies using additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping technologies, has revealed a new corporate brand identity, RP Platform, to showcase the company’s dedication to the rapid prototyping industry.

“We’ve been focused on driving efficiencies for rapid prototyping companies over the last 2 years and now our new branding highlights that focus,” said Keyvan CEO of RP Platform. “We will continue to adapt our technology for additive manufacturing and our existing partners should expect new platform capabilities that increase efficiencies through all aspect of their business.”

To date RP Platform has focused on the additive manufacturing industry providing a completely customizable solution that automates the CAD and customer data workflows. With the new RP Platform branding the company will be demonstrating its capabilities to work across the rapid prototyping industry supporting multiple production workflows.

The branding update is in conjunction to new more advanced features that cover the whole workflow from initial order to production and delivery. Currently RP Platform already covers key areas of automation including file analysis, healing and preparation, instant quotation management for online, email and telephone, customer communication and payments, order and production management as well as internal team communication. These features will continue to be at the forefront of the platforms capabilities across their industry focus.

About RP Platform

RP Platform is a software platform for companies that are using additive manufacturing technologies for internal production as well as companies providing additive manufacturing services. The RP Platform is built to manage all CAD, customer and production data required in modern rapid prototyping companies to make production more efficient. With the RP Platform web module software partners can accept online orders directly on their website and manage these orders and customers through to product delivery.