3D Printing Medical, Bio & Healthcare Platform

Project description

We propose an innovative 3D printing platform as a service, confidential, secure and efficient, using 3D printing cloud-based services where all the stakeholders related to medical, dental, biological and healthcare industries form a new ecosystem. That PaaS will permit medical and healthcare specialists obtain 3D printed assets of their patients or medical devices prototypes.

They will be able to upload the big-data of CT, MRI or Ultrasound scans of their patients and control the parameters of the future 3D printed assets. The platform will store encrypted and secured big-data and meta-data of patient’s scans to guarantees his confidentiality but processed by the specialist, they can collaborate to show and edit models before process it with additive manufacturing. The platform will facilitate transactions between 3D printing manufacturers and specialist users that want to make 3D prints, choosing service providers by location, materials, 3d printer tech, price, end-quality, etc. to get their 3D models printed nearby or as soon as possible.

Using FIWARE and FITMAN technologies, we plan to build the reference 3D printing platform for healthcare sector. Since every hospital and private clinic can’t get advanced metal, resin, laser-cusing® or innovative tissues 3D printers, this platform will assure, simplify and automatize the workflow of “Personal Medicine”, from the captured disease patient scans to the 3D printed bone, knee, crown or dental bridge or even personalized glasses or esthetical pieces, guarantying confidentiality and professional work using our digital factory platform.

SIMAC Mundo Digital, SL

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