SYOS wins the “Coup de coeur” award in 3D Print Lyon

By October 10, 20163DP, FABulous, Projects

SYOS, Shape Your Own Sound, one of the 3rd Open Call FABulous startups, has been awarded with the jury prize “Coup de coeur” in 3D Print Lyon. SYOS is the first instrument maker to help musicians finding their own sound identity by providing them with custom mouthpieces that fit their playing characteristics as well as their desired sound aesthetics.
SYOS process is based on the combination of two different disciplines: musical acoustics and psychoacoustics. SYOS mouthpieces were developed after 5 five of research in these two domains. Today, SYOS offers an infinity of new geometries to the musicians, which allows to shape the sound aesthetics regardless of the material used to make the mouthpiece