Pzartech has been selected to join the Masschallenge Accelerator in Boston

By May 30, 2016Success stories

Pzartech has been selected to join the MassChallenge Accelerator in Boston. MassChallenge provides startups with the access and resources they need to succeed – from free office space to mentoring, workshops and global network access. Pzartech will receive advise from entrepreneurs, investors and executives during a 4-month program which also includes office space, education, network & community, and other resources.

Pzartech contribute to reducing unplanned downtime through spare parts recognition and 3D printing of spare parts. For manufacturing industry unexpected downtime is a major issue. For instance, on average downtime costs the auto industry $22.000 every minute, that equals to $1.3 million per hour of downtime. Pzartech offers a complete solution combining a 3D spare part recognition technology and a 3D printing platform. As such, they enable manufacturers to help their customers finding through computer vision technologies and sourcing their spare parts through 3D printing.