Project description

UDesign is a Social Customizable Designer Furniture Platform, that combines: digital production technologies (such as 3D printing and CNC) with parametric designer furniture pieces on an online customer-based interface. Online customizable furniture platform: The customer becomes the designer as they change and add a personal look and feel to a selected item. Parameters such as: form, size, materials, colours, finishes and engraves can be changed on the provided web editor.

Social design furniture platform: Not only customers can create their own custom furniture pieces, but they can also share their designs in UDesign social platform so other customers can interact with, repost and even purchase the best designs.

Designer-based customizable items: The customer becomes a part of the design process and gets an original designer piece. This means that the customization is defined by the designer, keeping his signature style and design concept.

Tribalyte Technologies S.L.

Crowd-sourced and Cloud-based Design & Services for 3D Printing