B2B(2C) Platform for (Re-)Manufacturing of customizable Real Objects based on 3D scanning data

Business Proposition

Our FABulous project “ReDo-3D“ develops 3 innovative products for the spare part logistics industry:

  1. Configurable spare parts – are complex parametric shapes with built-in degrees of freedom that can be configured directly in a user-friendly 3D web application, using both 2D and 3D sliders. Our service is to create these 3D spare part configurators for manufacturing companies.
  2. Lightweight interactive planning application – a complete interactive 3D configurator standalone application in less than 4 MB, including both the interactive 3D model and the application to view and configure the model (for MS Windows). Requires no installation, just unzip and run.
  3. Secure model transmission to 3D printer – a hardware module inside a 3D printer that decodes a „print-once“ model encoded in our own secure file format. This is essential for billing, since the spare part provider (typically OEM) charges a license fee to the spare part printing service for every 3D-printed spare part.
Havetronic (AUT)
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