Immersive 3D Printed Literature Experience for the Visually Impaired

Project description

Feel-my-Book aims at empowering the visually impaired / blind persons (particularly children) to explore with their hands and understand the imaginary worlds depicted in literary works. It proposes a novel mobile application that enhances the reading experience by extracting the features of the main characters and objects described in the storyline of any book and linking them to 3D designs that are already available in popular 3D printing marketplaces and can be 3D-printed at home or at any 3D printing shop / facility. Feel-my-Book will also deliver a back-end platform to the Feel-my-Book ecosystem (e.g. publishers, authors, 3D designers, 3D printing shops and marketplaces) in order to collectively provide targeted 3D printing offerings to visually impaired / blind children and parents.

Feel-my-Book offers advanced customer propositions that augment the cognitive ability of visually impaired persons and introduce the following innovations: Book Concepts Extraction, Book Concepts-to-3D Printable Objects Mapping, 3D Printable Objects Profiling Augmentation based on social data analytics; Recommendations on relevant pre-existing 3D content in 3D printing marketplaces.

Feel-my-Book aspires to create a new multi-sided ecosystem between publishers, 3D printing shops, 3D printing marketplaces and end-users and bring 3D Printing closer to an effective tipping point for adoption by the publishing industry.

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