Optimized Production and Excellent Client Relations for 3D Printing Hubs

Business Proposition

This project’s goal is to support 3D printer hubs in better organizing their production activities.

This will be ensured by creating a subscription-based service hosted in the cloud, 3DP-OPECR, which involves 3D Printing Hubs, their customers and 3rd parties.

The service will allow Factories to expose their capabilities to receive orders, interact with Customers, have automated work scheduling for each 3D printer, estimate and forecast Material consumption, visualize order history and be easily connected to other relevant services via web-services/APIs.

The service will allow Customers to see a Factory’s capabilities, place orders directly or over a third-party (web-service/API), communicate with the Factory and check personal order status and order history.

Using the collected data, big data analysis and BI tools will be used to compute 3D printing market trends and other relevant indicators.

Crowd-sourced and Cloud-based Design & Services for 3D Printing