Design, Share, Fly!

Business Proposition

3Drones is a revolutionary platform aimed for the creation of drones. There is nothing similar to this, and thanks to 3D printing technology and the use of FIWARE, it will provide a perfect space where users can share their designs for free with the rest of the community.

Users will register in the platform for free and will be able to view and download all the designs shared by the community, which will be accompanied by the software developed for the Hermes Autopilot by AvioniCS Systems Control during our stage in the Business Incubator Centre of the European Space Agency. Both of these services will be free of charge for the users.

The Hermes control system will allow users to modify the values of the PID controllers (proportional-integral-derivative) so that they can adapt the control system to achieve perfect maneuverability, depending on the chosen design for of their drones.

Avionics Control Systems B.V.

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