Imprimaker, finalist of Leroy Merlin Innohogar initiative

By November 12, 20163DP, FABulous

Imprimaker has been selected as one of the three finalist of the Innohogar initiative, sponsored by Leroy Merlin. The three projects, presented during the OuiShare Festival held in Barcelona last October, will be studied by the Leroy Merlin to check their feasibility and to analyze the possibility of future collaborations.

MPRIMAKER has successfully developed an online 3D modeling tool, allowing children to easily create from scratch or to customize the shape and add-ons of a toy, including smart and interactive functionalities such as illumination, motion, sensors and in the future wireless communication, making it possible to create the “Internet of Toys”. The project has been selected to be one of the finalists because of its innovation, contribution to improving the quality of life of people, efficiency and sustainability.