Global Directory Launches to Unite the World of 3D Printing

By February 15, 20163DP, FABulous

A new global directory of 3D printing companies wants to provide the essential tool for the entire industry to grow

Information on the companies that make up the 3D printing industry is scattered at best. The new global 3D printing business directory addresses this by providing clear and easily accessible contact and business information on over 2,600 (and counting) industry operators

The challenges in finding accurate and accessible information make it difficult for everyone who is not familiar with the industry – and even those who are in the industry – to gain a clear understanding of the industry as a whole and access to partners, customers and suppliers.

The Global divides companies in 15 macro categories. These include over 300 3D printer manufacturers and 800+ 3D printing services, as well as material manufacturers, software publishers and industrial 3D printing adopters. They are further divided into 60+ subcategories that have been accurately selected to provide a map of the global market.

Every single company in the directory is geolocalized on the interactive map, providing an immediate view of the distributed manufacturing network that is already in place today. Each company page also includes generic email and contact information, with links to social media.

Now all companies can claim their page on the directory simply by visiting it and clicking on the “Own This Company” button (located in the top right of the page, right below the map). At this point they will just sign up for one of the subscription plans and wait for their claim to be approved. Once they have gained possession of their company page, they will be able to modify it and upgrade it anytime, by accessing the page upon login.

The subscription plans currently include the Basic option (free of charge for the first 6 months period of beta testing) as well as Premium and Featured options. Premium users will be able to add up to three different companies (or company divisions and/or branches) on the same account. They also have the possibility to publish posts on the blog, that will be visible to all users of the website and will be shared on all social media pages.

The Featured account includes the Featured listing option, which means that the company logo and link to the company page appear on the Companies Page sidebar and in the footer of the homepage. Featured companies also come up first in category searches. Featured account holders can register up to 5 different companies and publish an unlimited number of posts. As a special offer, limited to the Beta testing period, the price of the Premium and Featured accounts are set at €5 and €20 per month. Users who sign up now for these plans now will be able to maintain the same rate for an unlimited period of time.

If a company ever decides to cancel the paid subscription, their company page will still remain present in the directory. Providing the clearest map of 3D printing industry companies and companies that have already implemented 3D printing into their workflow, will simplify the gathering of accurate information by the media, enthusiasts, potential clients and operators themselves.

3D printing is destined to grow exponentially over the next decades and that it is important to lay down a solid foundation so that the industry as whole can grow in a more organic and organised way, just like the parts that grow additively inside the machines.