A Developing Partnership between Siemens and 3YOURMIND

By November 7, 2016Success stories

Making an impact at trade events and in customer presentations is increasingly difficult as the number of venders, media hype and advertising grows each year. When Siemens was looking for a novel way to present their new SGT-8000H series turbine they called upon their partnership with 3YOURMIND. The engine performs at an efficiency of 60.75% (TUV certified) in combination with the combined cycle operation. That makes it one of the most efficient gas-fired power plants in the world. The complex turbine combines proven product lines with innovative technologies, rendered with high-detail as a 3D model.

The primary model is motorized in addition to two standard 3D printed versions of the turbine. The turbine is made of Aluminide, the casing is Polyamide – both were printed using the SLS additive manufacturing technique. The movement and detail of the final model are both an “eye-catcher” and direct aid to describe the physical processes within the turbine.

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