Cr3do print the biggest and dynamic 3D model of Belgium

By September 21, 2016FABulous, Projects

Corda Campus, the high-tech campus in Hasselt has let himself print in 3D. The campus appealed to the 3D-printing expertise of one of the companies on the site, Cr3do (Creating 3D Objects). The 3D printed model in ABS white plastic is measuring three meters by two meters forty, making it the largest 3D printed model of its kind in Belgium.

Cr3do is also one of the eight Belgian innovative start-ups which last week went to the TechCrunch Disrupts conference with in San Francisco.

A 3D printed model that grows with Corda Campus

The model which Cr3do 3D printed for Corda Campus currently includes all existing buildings. “The strength of the model of Corda Campus, however, lies in its dynamic character,” says Jens Raskin, CEO of Cr3do. “The model is modular and subdivided into a number of islands. Once adjustments are needed or elements should be added to the model, it is sufficient to take out the island on the model, adjust it and then put it back. If Corda Campus had opted for a traditional model, we would immediately have to carry their five-year master plan.”

A high-tech model for a high-tech campus

“Corda Campus stands for technology and innovation. For the model, we therefore consciously chose 3D technology to replace traditional model construction,” says Raf Degens, General Director of Corda Campus. The model is an eye-catcher on the site and will be used for the Corda Experience, a tour around the site, which will start in October. The 3D model is always up-to-date.