Bilbao will become the 3D Printing´s hub

By December 14, 2015FABulous

The second FABulous Community meeting will take place the 12th and 13th January 2016 and will bring together 33 innovative business initiatives based on additive manufacturing

FABulous, the Future Internet Business Acceleration Programme for 3D Printing Services, led by the Bizcay Consultancy CARSA, will gather the 33 projects selected under the second Open Call in Bilbao to present the development of new web services based on 3D Printing.

The 24 selected SMEs and 9 entrepreneurs will defend their projects in front of an evaluation panel, who will choose the best projects with a view to become a business application.

The FABulous Community meeting will be open to the public:

  • 200m2 exhibition area, where companies will make public their projects;
  • a networking place dedicated to B2B meetings
  • 5 workshops about 3D Printing, strategies and business models, projects management launching, among others.

The projects are constantly monitored to ensure their continued viability. Among others, the meeting will present projects such as platforms that bring together 3D designers, a 3D food printing revolutionary system to improve culinary creativity and 3D jewellery showing imprints of a baby’s hands or feet.

The selected topics encompass a serie of concepts related to Crowd-sourced and Cloud-based Design & Services for 3D Printing, Manufacturing & Logistics Tools and Services, Advanced Content Management Related to 3D Printing and Mobile Apps and Services for 3D Printing.

Among the projects, there will be 12  from Spain, 4 from Belgium, 4 from United Kingdom, 3 from The Netherlands, 2 from Germany, 2 from Italy, one from Romania, one from France, one from Latvia, one from Denmark, one from Poland, and the last one from Greece.

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